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Commitment to excellence

MGS CONSULTING (Management Global Solutions) is a 100% Portuguese company based in Évora Founded in 2022 on the initiative of 2 experienced hotel managers (Ana Clara Meireles and Luís Salgueiro), who, due to their vast professional experience in different markets, decided to create a company with a differentiating offer in the area of consulting and hotel management, based on the uniqueness and personalization of services, associated with a technological aspect of excellence With this, MGS CONSULTING aims to enhance the increase in sales combined with the satisfaction of its customers, because only in this way, the profitability sought by investors and owners is guaranteed.




Help owners to monetize investments, saving time and resources, using a personalized service supported by technology, combining the comfort and the tradition of hospitality sector, with the short and mid-term lease market.



Be recognized as a reference for excellence and sustainable tourism, always with focus in profitability, efficiency, fair price and commitment regarding guest satisfaction of our customers.



- Appreciation and respect for people

- Ethics and integrity in personal and professional conduct
- High performance and quality of services provided
- Learning & Knowledge Expansion
- Transparent relationship with customers and employees
- Compliance with social and environmental responsibilities
- Undertaking and thinking differently.

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